Monday, December 6, 2010

London Ontario Real Estate Snow Update, 8 am, Dec 6

Tender Lawn Care Ltd keeps us up to date on the latest London Winter Weather. Drive safe and stay at home if you can.

The Grants

Subject: Snow Update, 8 am, Dec 6
Good Morning.  For the benefit of those considering travelling the City this morning, be advised that even main roads are generally not in the best shape, eg, Wonderland, Commissioner’s, Airport Roads.  Grade and high schools are closed, but as of 7:30 Fanshawe and Western were open and buses were running.  A trip across the City is likely 75-90 mins.
West London got hit hard yesterday, but overnight it was central and especially east London that got a lot of new snow and a lot of drifting.  Some of your clients may observe that their roads do not appear to be plowed, but we will have been at every project at least once in the last 6 hours; just driving around you will see much, much worse; many lots appear to have 18”-2’ of snow without drifts.  Our goal is to keep roads open all day, and to have parking spots cleared once by noon.  Walkways will have been done once by noon; the crews started at midnight.   They will be in tough shape though, with so much new snow.
We will quit most operations by about 3 pm today to give our crews time off from 4 pm-midnight, when we will resume plowing and shovelling.  This 3 pm stop should leave roads passable for anyone coming home at the dinner hour.
Environment Canada warns of 20-30 cm today, and 20-30 more tonight, and 20 more tomorrow.  
Dave Leff
Grounds Maintenance Manager
Tender Lawn Care Ltd.
2026 Oxford Street East
London, Ontario  N5V 2Z8

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